Microphone Hire

Simon Maisch has a large collection of microphones that are available for hire to producers, artists and sound engineers. The intention of this service is to bridge the gap between the ‘DIY home recording studio’ environment and sonic aesthetic, and larger project studios – as well as offering other microphones suitable for the live sound environment to supplement the in-house or engineers microphone kit.

All equipment can be collected and returned from Dawson Street, Brunswick, VIC.

 ItemType / Pattern1-day Rate3-Day RateWeekly Rate
RCA 77DX (Vintage)Ribbon - Switchable$120$240$480
Beyerdynamic M160 (price per pair)Ribbon - Hypercardioid$52$104$208
OPR The Grill (price per pair)Ribbon - Figure-8$15$30$60
Sennheiser MD441U3 (Vintage)Dynamic - Supercardioid$30$60$120
Sennheiser MD421 II
Dynamic - Cardioid$23$45$90
Sennheiser MD211 (pair)Dynamic - Omni$10$20$40
Beyerdynamic M88 (Vintage)Dynamic - Hypercardioid$24$49$98
Beyerdynamic M69 (Vintage)Dynamic - Hypercardioid$10$20$40
Beyerdynamic M201 TGDynamic - Hypercardioid$18$35$70
Shure SM7bDynamic - Cardioid$32$64$128
Shure SM57 (3 available, price per each)Dynamic - Cardioid$10$20$40
Shure SM78 StarmakerDynamic - Cardioid$8$16$32
Electrovoice RE-20 (with shock mount)Dynamic - Cardioid$28$56$112
Shure Beta 52aDynamic - Supercardioid$14$28$55
Beyerdynamic TG D70dDynamic - Hypercardioid$10$20$40
Beyerdynamic M422 N (C)Dynamic - Supercardioid$8$16$32
Sennheiser e906 (2 available, price per each)Dynamic - Supercardioid$10$20$40
OPR 87 (price per pair)Condenser - Switchable$20$40$80
Beyerdynamic MCE90 (price per pair)Condenser - Cardioid$36$72$144
Nakamichi CM1000 (price per pair)Condenser - Omni$33$66$132
Audio-Technica ATM450 (price per pair)Condenser - Cardioid$25$50$100
Beyerdynamic TGd57c (2 available, price per each)Condenser - Cardioid$20$40$80
Shure Beta 91aCondenser - Half-cardioid$19$37$74
AKG C411LCondenser - Contact Mic$10$20$40
Avalon U5DI - Powered$44$88$176
LA Audio DI2 (active) (3 available, price per each)DI - Active$7$15$30
Radial JDIDI - Passive$10$21$42
Radial JDXDI / Speaker Load Box$15$30$60
Radial ProRMPReamp Box$9$19$37

Microphone kits are also available at a discounted rate, and for example are an ideal solution for supplementing venue equipment if they only supply vocal microphones.

 Kit & ContentsIntended Use1-day Rate3-Day RateWeekly Rate
Complete Live Sound Kit:$120$240$480
Beyerdynamic TG D70dKick Drum (outside)
Shure Beta 91aKick Drum (inside)
Beyerdynamic M201 TGSnare Drum (top)
Beyerdynamic M422 (C)Snare Drum (bottom) or Floor tom
Beyerdynamic TGd57c (2)Toms (2)
Audio-Technica ATM450 (2)Overheads
Shure Beta 52aBass cab mic
Sennheiser e906 (2)Guitar cab (2)
LA Audio DI2 (active) (2)Line signals (2)
Beyerdynamic Drum Kit:$60$120$240
Beyerdynamic TGD70DKick Drum
Beyerdynamic M201 TGSnare Drum
Beyerdynamic M422 (C)Snare Drum (bottom) or Floor tom
Beyerdynamic TGd57c (2)Toms (2)
Beyerdynamic MCE90 (pair)Overheads (2)
Shure Drum Shells Kit:$30$60$120
Shure Beta 52aKick Drum
Shure SM57 (3)Snare, Toms (2)

On all hires, microphone cables are included if required, for no charge.

Any borrowers are liable for any costs associated with repair or replacement for misuse or loss of items.

Longer duration hires are possible, as well as courtesy discounts on multiple hires.

If you are interested in hiring any equipment, please contact me here.