Simon offers a considered and communicable approach to mastering, while maintaining a rate that is affordable to all scales of release. This approach allows creative and unique choices that have been taken throughout the recording and mixing process to be highlighted and sometimes embellished, in opposition to a workflow of ‘blanket application’ or template mastering. The intention of the artists sonic aesthetic is of utmost importance, and allowing and embracing an open dialogue between the artists, producer and mastering engineer, this intention can be carried through to the final masters.
Simon masters for vinyl, digital & CD and cassette, and can ensure ISRC codes are embedded and files are prepared correctly for online distribution services. The mastering chain includes a combination of analogue processing from SSL, Drawmer, TL, Warm, FMR, BBE, Symetrix and digital processing from Fabfilter, Kush, iZotope, Avid, DSP Quattro amongst others, with monitoring from Genelec, Yamaha & Auratone.
Rates below are indicative of tracks with an average of 3-5 minutes, delivered from digital files.

Per track charge: $32
(Minimum fee of $100)
Additional output format: $50


Rates for production (recording & mixing) are determined, and can be negotiated by, the scale and scope of the project. Ideally Simon would take your project from the recording stage through to final mixes, however mixing others recordings is also possible, as well as handing recordings to other mix engineers. Simon currently works from a small private space in Brunswick, Victoria, but can work from other studios around Melbourne for projects that require a larger or more controlled environment.
Rates below are indicative of, and including use his studio in Brunswick, and a nominal discount would be applied to this if use of a different studio is required for the scope of your project.

$340 – 10hr Day (including 1.5hr of breaks)

Per track charge: $60 (if Simon has engineered the recording)
Per track charge: $140 (if working from others recordings)

Live Sound Operation

Rates for live sound operation is highly dependant on the type and scale of event. Simon intends to be affordable for events of all scale, and this should can be negotiated and discussed through the contact page on this website.

Other Services

Any other services, including consultation and system design work are again highly dependant on the scale and type of work, so these should be discussed through using the contact page on this website.