Daily Hearings (2016)

In 2016 Simon Maisch was approached by Mick Douglas & Theron Schmidt to explore a methodology for gathering, transforming and releasing sounds heard and spoken during the PSi #22 conference, “Performance Climates”. 

Sounds were gathered or spoken by Mick Douglas & Theron Schmidt during the conference, delivered to Simon remotely, then sorted and fed into a simple performative, generative looping program developed by Simon in Max. This was used to combine and manipulate the pitch and timbre of these recordings, based upon four layers of prescribed time (Now time, Discursive time, Circadian time, Geological time). The resulting 30 minute ‘Hearings’ were then uploaded to Soundcloud at 10pm each evening of the conference, for participants to listen to.

More information on this project can be read here.

Diagram by Mick Douglas.