Transurban: Acoustic Design Innovations (2016 – 2017)

In 2016 to 2017 Simon Maisch was the head technician of an interdisciplinary research project funded by Transurban and led by Dr. Jordan Lacey through RMIT University. This research looked at managing and controlling motorway noise in adjacent parkland and residential areas by combining active noise cancellation technology and live electroacoustic sound design algorithms, resulting in the report titled “RMIT Acoustic design innovations for managing motorway traffic noise by cancellation and transformation”.

Simons involvement in this project included interfacing a virtual sound barrier system with a compositional sound design environment; generating quantitative and qualitative research data in the form of environmental audio recordings and sound pressure level readings of an active noise cancellation system and transformation system; equipment specification and setup for ‘off-grid’ installations located on motorway sites in both Melbourne & Sydney as well as industry demonstrations; and the compilation of visual diagrams and audio data for use in the final report.

Photography by Dr. Jordan Lacey & Elana Vasileva-Kovac.