MDIT Exhibition Audio Test

Displayed below are audio players showing the playlist, and not the player. I believe the strange formatting is due to the stylesheet of this website, not these plugins themselves. Without editing the plugin, I believe there isn’t a way to ‘not display’ the title of the playlist with the below shortcode.

[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”1251″ show_playlist=”true” remove_player=”true”][/sonaar_audioplayer]

[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”1253″ show_playlist=”true” remove_player=”true”][/sonaar_audioplayer]

[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”1257″ show_playlist=”true” remove_player=”true”][/sonaar_audioplayer]


The below players are showing the ‘player’, and not the playlist. Note that these do not display the ‘playlist title’ – perhaps an advantage. The fact you can navigate through your audio by clicking on the waveform display is an advantage, as well as having playback controls.

[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”1251″ show_playlist=”false” remove_player=”false”][/sonaar_audioplayer]

[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”1253″ show_playlist=”false” remove_player=”false”][/sonaar_audioplayer]

[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”1257″ show_playlist=”false” remove_player=”false”][/sonaar_audioplayer]


The below players are showing both the ‘player’ and the playlist. Note that the playback controls are linked.

[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”1251″ show_playlist=”true” remove_player=”false”][/sonaar_audioplayer]

[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”1253″ show_playlist=”true” remove_player=”false”][/sonaar_audioplayer]

[sonaar_audioplayer albums=”1257″ show_playlist=”true” remove_player=”false”][/sonaar_audioplayer]


Files are stored locally to website (i.e. not linked to Soundcloud etc.) in above example. This player can play from other sources if needed.

Must be MP3, and not above the file limit for the WordPress site.

  • Enables metadata within the upload media pane.
  • Playlists should be made within the plugin, as opposed to files uploaded to each page.
  • Artist name has to be displayed within settings.
  • Plugin fonts and colours can be customised extensively.
  • Playback controls are linked in the entire page – i.e. you cannot play files from different playlists on the same page (this is good).
  • Make sure there is nothing in the ‘album’ field in the metadata, otherwise this will be displayed as the playlist title.

Link to plugin:

MP3 Music Player by Sonaar

Other possibilities, if above isn’t suitable:

SoundCloud Is Gold

TechGasp Sound Master

SoundPress Plugin

HTML5 SoundCloud Player with Playlist Free