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a2996444422_10hi-tec emotionshard to handlerecording, mixing2016
bitumenbitumen taperecording, mixing, mastering2016
mount troutmount trout 7"mastering2016
rat filthmineral earthmastering2016
cowabunga beach7 cowabungasrecording, mixing2016
nakedpink quartz 12"recording, mixing2015
all the weathers6 for gold 12"recording, mixing, mastering2015
poster boypressure & perfectionrecording, mixing, mastering2015
juliana hodkinsonturbulence (lige - et digitalt festskrift)recording2015
steven wrightincapacity tapemastering2014
treehousegathering the dreams taperecording, mixing2014
variouswrong place, right time: hobart 2014mastering2014
bi-houran accident epmastering2014
treehouseinterzone 12"recording, mixing, mastering2014
poster boyposter boyrecording, mixing, mastering2013
treehouseinterzone taperecording, mixing, mastering2013
bi-hourstrawberry licoricemastering2013
train park / adventurerstrain park / adventurers splitrecording, mixing, mastering2013
skun kneesjerry goes to collegerecording, mixing, mastering2013
wasted idolthree coffin firerecording, mixing, mastering2013
aleska / mariesena / bears3 way splitrecording, mixing2013
manchester mourningwesley hall session eprecording, mixing, mastering2013
polanyi collaborative ensemblewesley uniting church, june 2012recording, mixing, mastering2012
bearsskin grafted eprecording, mixing, mastering2012
polanyiongoing resonance 12"recording, mixing2012
cat steadys/t taperecording, mixing, mastering2012
wasted idolpassing taperecording, mixing, mastering2012
bears / treehousebears / treehouse splitrecording, mixing, mastering2011